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Zhongsen Park, Washington, Myanmar Teak Fish Bone Pair
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Relatively speaking, carp-bone parquet flooring is also more suitable for small-sized flooring, so that the overall feeling effect is more impact, and like spelling, this kind of uncommon floor laying method will directly cause the rise of labor costs, which is tens of yuan and one square meter more expensive than the common wood floor laying method, of course, it can also collect labor fees per day.

Teak (TEAK), Verbenaceae, is the world's recognized precious timber, of which Thailand and Myanmar are the best, because Thailand has banned logging, so imports from Myanmar are the best. Teak grows slowly and has a high density and hardness. Teak is rich in iron and oil, which keeps it intact, insect-proof, ant-proof, acid-alkali-proof, especially moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, and has a natural mellow fragrance. Beautiful ink lines and colorful oil shadows make up the unique natural texture of teak. What is more amazing is that its planing surface color can be oxidized to golden yellow by photosynthesis, and the color is more beautiful with time.

Zhongsen Park, formerly known as Guanlan Baipigeonhu Old Renovation Project, is located in the Guanlan Office of Longhua New Area, south of Huanguan Road, covering an area of 29456.0, with a building area of 130,000_, including residential 117,000_, commercial, office and hotel 5460_, public supporting facilities 7540_ (including 6 classes of kindergartens, covering an area of 1,800_independently; bus stop 2500_).

Peripheral support:

Primary and secondary schools: Longhua Foreign Language School (Junior Middle School), Guanlan No. 2 Middle School and Primary School Affiliated to Longhua Educational and Scientific Research Institute

Commerce: The project has its own community commerce and enjoys the basic business support of Luhu International Residential Area within 2 kilometers. There is a Mall in Guanlanhu New Town 3.5 kilometers away from the project.

Hospital: Longhua District Central Hospital Social Health Center, New District General Hospital, Luhu International Social Health Center

Sino-Sen Park, Washington, Myanmar Teak Fishbone Matching

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