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Myanmar Teak Paint 66012518 Light Color

Brand: Jinfu Wood Industry
Model: Myanmar Teak Paint Top
Material: Teak
Size: 660*125*18
Applicable space: indoor
Classification of colours: light colours
City Service: City Logistics Delivery Door-to-Door
Valuation Unit: 1㎡
Installation accessories package: excluding installation accessories
Slot: Flat buckle
Packing: 18 pieces per package
Quality Assurance: Three-year quality assurance, three-year service for repairing, repairing spare parts or replacing new products.
Introduction of wood types:
Myanmar is a precious tree species. It has excellent characteristics of stability, wear resistance, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, acid-proof, alkali-proof and moth-proof. Beautiful ink lines and colorful oil shadows make up the unique natural texture of teak. Through photosynthesis, it will show golden yellow, and the color will be more beautiful with time. Usually, the floor paving loss is about 5% of the floor paving area. There are special room structure or other requirements. The loss is considered according to the actual situation

Myanmar Teak Paint 66012518 Light Color

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